attorneyThe main thing to be aware of while interviewing a DUI defense attorney is to NOT be intimidated.  When you speak with a DUI defense attorney you must ask questions about:

Specific DUI defense experience

  • How long has the attorney been practicing DUI defense.
  • Is he a member of the National College for DUI Defense.
  • How much of the attorney’s practice is devoted to DUI defense.
  • How much the practice is devoted to non-criminal defense areas.
  • How much he will charge to defend you.

 How do they charge?

  1. Is it a flat fee.
  2. Is it an hourly fee.
  3. Does the attorney offer payment plans.
  4. Will the attorney later ask you for more money.
  5. How many DUI jury trials has the attorney done.

Many DUI defense attorneys do nothing but DUI defense.  Some DUI defense attorneys also do other criminal defense.  You want to hire an attorney that has been under fire in trial dealing with DUI and criminal cases in front of juries.  There is no substitute for experience.

Your DUI defense attorney must be someone you trust.  Someone you can speak with easily about your case.  Someone who will be accessible to you to answer your questions.  You must be comfortable with the attorney that will represent you.  If you are interviewing an attorney and you don’t develop a good feeling about this person then you must speak to other DUI defense attorneys.  You absolutely do not want a personality conflict with your attorney. It is your case.  It is your life.

DUI Defense Directory

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI you need answers fast from an attorney experienced in DUI defense.

th0K65FYHDThis DUI Defense Directory website is dedicated to presenting resources and information to help you locate a DUI defense attorney in your State. This site is organized with a series of links which will direct you to various resources available on the internet or to resources contained within this website.

Being arrested for DUI can prove to be a very confusing situation for most people.  Drunk Driving is a crime but most people accused of DUI are not criminals.  They are normal folks just like yourself who made the mistake of drinking, driving and then getting stopped by the police.  The DUI Defense Directory can aid you in your search to find and experienced DUI defense attorney.

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